Crossing Paths

Yesterday was Art in the Park at Kennedy Park (known as High Banks by my grandparents & great-grandparents) here in Somers Point, NJ. I am so excited to share that I won the People’s Choice award with this Coastal Abstract painting of an Atlantic green sea turtle and a black scoter sea duck. Like the title of this painting, this past year has been one chance encounter after another. Instead of a sea turtle crossing the opposite migratory path of the sea duck with barely an acknowledgment, my crossings have been made of divinely orchestrated timing with the most supportive local creative talent I never imagined would be so free and generous with their time and advice. Most people don’t learn from other people’s mistakes, but I do. I have been listening to everyone who has been sharing their ups and downs as an artist, offering suggestions from how to use my time and resources most wisely to where to take my style of art and who to talk to. This is such an exciting period in all aspects of my life, and everyone who I’ve met on this path, including all those wonderful people I’ve never met before but voted for my art anyway, they are all a part of this swell of momentum that is pushing me forward. And winning this award at a location that was so special to my ancestors is the cherry on top.