Artist’s Bio


Shana Welkin Kestrel

Spreadsheet maker & numbers cruncher by day; intuitive, self-taught abstract artist by night. I live and work in Somers Point, NJ and have been creating art since childhood. In recent years, after a life changing visit to the desert, I made a commitment to my craft as a way to maintain sanity in a chaotic world, and balance the analytical realm of my day job.  I find inspiration from nature, dreams and my spiritual practice. Currently building a coastal abstract series called “the Spirits of South Jersey” I dive into the indigenous flora and fauna of the Southern New Jersey shore areas and the environmental issues that are impacting them. I am currently exploring my work through acrylics, but also work with watercolor, gouache, mixed media, fiber art, and landscape design. My work can be seen at the Chora Leone Gallery in Somers Point and Nashville North Art Studio in Linwood. I also have my own art gallery inside a Mongolian Ger (yurt) in my backyard. Private viewings are available by appointment. In addition to my day job and being an artist, I am also a shamanic practitioner and teacher, breathwork facilitator and co-founder of South Jersey Shamanic Practitioners with my husband, Jeffrey Kestrel. South Jersey Shamanic Practitioners Website